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tapping at your chamber door.....

On this Halloween, I would like to announce the special edition of Edgar Allan
Poe's classic poem "The Raven". These miniature books (3"x3") are handcrafted
in a very limited number of 50 copies. They are turned edge bound in black
buckram with silver screen printed title, marbled end sheets and translucent
title page. It features a caricature of Mr. Poe rendered by Paul Berger. "The
Raven" is printed offset lithography in 24 pages and signed by the publisher
(that's me) and binder (that's me too) and initialed by the artist. The cost
is $25.00 and this includes shipping. If you would like more information or
would like a copy of the book, please contact me Keith Berger at

Happy Halloween!
Keith Berger

Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter, In stepped
a stately Raven....


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