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Re: Elizabethan Fabric Info

The notion that a Shakespearean script was worth binding in any permanent
form would probably have astonished an Elizabethan binder, but when he
recovered from he surprise he might have suggested something nice in
three-pile velvet. A number of such bindings are illustrated in the 1992
Folger exhibition catalog, _Fine and historic bookbindings from the Folger
Shakespeare Library_, by Frederick Bearman and others. -tb

At 05:08 PM 11/2/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>Friends with all sorts of weird information--
>I would like to bind a Shakespearean script in fabric for an actor friend.
>I don't want to do a period binding (which I presume would be in leather)
>but I would like for it to have an Elizabethan flavor.  Can anyone help
>with information about or sources for fabric designs of that period?
>Many thanks,
>Sam Lanham
>Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)
Terry Belanger  :  University Professor  :   University of Virginia
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