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Re: birchbark

I saw a short segment on TV concerning birch bark. Carol Duvall recently
had a show on H&GTV showing craftspersons from her home state of Michigan.
One of them was a group of native americans who used birch bark.

They used bark from deadfallen trees. I remember they did soak the bark before
use, but I can't recall how long??

I'd imagine this show will be re-run .. it was on last weekend.

Best .... Ron Yost

At 08:34 AM 11/4/98 , you wrote:
>I've never printed on it, but I have a clamshell box covered with shaped
>bark (only the hinged parts of the spine are buckram).  It's about 15 years
>old and fine.  I used 2/3 PVA, 1/3 Methylcellulose to adhere and weighed it
>down for 24 hours.  The bark came from Michigan and it was from deadfall.
>Melissa Jay Craig

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