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Edge Marbling

I've had a little time this week to experiment and tried an old
Zaehnsdorf recipe for marbling book edges using already marbled paper:

1. Tighten book edge in lying press
2. Cut strip of marbled paper a little larger than book edge
3. Float marbled paper face down on muriatic acid (used for etching
concrete, etc.)
4. Wet book edge with sponge, place wetted paper on book edge, place
blotter over top, cover with 1/4" pad of waste paper and beat with hammer

The marbled pattern transfers very nicely, but looks a bit washed out.
Has anyone else done anything like this? I once heard from a Scottish
binder (the inimitable Ralph McGuinness) of a company that made something
like a water-transfer decal for "marbling" edges. Any ideas?

Of course, one could marble the edges in the standard way, but wouldn't
it be grand to match endsheets to edges without marbling both?!

The other matter that passed through my head (but wafted right on out
again with the acid fumes) is the matter of putting muriatic acid on a
good book. Any chemists to respond?

Bob Roberts
Wheaton, IL

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