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Birch bark

Regarding the recent enquiry on birch bark in bookmaking, I would note a
book which we did that involved that material. It is Lawrence Lande's _The
Development of the Voyageur Contract_ (Montreal, 1989). The binder, Pierre
Ouvrard at Ile aux Noix, Quebec, works in an atelier where none of the
equipment dates after 1850. M. Ouvrard took birch bark and printed on the
2.5" x 4" labels which were then inset into the toile-covered front covers
in order to avoid abrasion of the delicate white powdery surface of the bark.

The results have stood up well and is an effective use of the birch bark.

        David G Anderson  <anderson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
               Glengarry Historical Society - 1784
          Williamstown, Ontario, Canada   K0C 2J0
               613 347-3006

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