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Vellum-ish question

Please excuse me for asking such a series of strange questions right out of
the chute, but you all were suggested as a good place to ask.  I am working
on binding a book, the pages of which at this point consist of blank sheets
from "goatskin rawhide" (from Tandy).  My impression is that it's not the
*ideal* material for this, but it's what
the Client wants to use.

The material is a bit thicker than the *little* vellum I've had any
experience with,
and I'm not certain how to prepare either side for writing on.

If anyone has any suggestions where I might look for more detailed
information (or
wishes to share what they have) I would be very grateful.  I've checked the
FAQ, and have seen nothing that resembles this question there.

Thank you for your time...
I. Marc Carlson
McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa -or- Tulsa Community College West
Campus LRC

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