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Re: Dream Course


It's for your run-of-the-mill continuing education student in New York
City, viz.:

1) Retirees with BAs;
2) Interested professionals with BAs, MAs or BSs and MSs in other
3) A few graduate students from NYU who want some not-for-credit

In other terms: a general introduction to the field for a pretty well
educated audience. I would say it's an art history survey course with a
bit less of the academic "ins" (Professor Y said this but Professor Z said
that), and a bit more general culture. I was thinking of adding some
literary background just to widen the scope (survey of Medieval lyrics,
which I've taught before): the Manesse Codex, for instance, the image of
Spring from Carmina Burana, a page or two from Hildegard of Bingen.

 On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Anne Lane

> At 10:53 AM 10-11-98 -0500, Paul T Werner wrote:
> >Suppose you saw this course being offered. What would you want to see
> >covered?
> Is this, like, an art history course?  A
> how-to-make-your-own-medieval-book-course?  Some of each?  Like, help us
> out here.
> Anne T. Lane
> Curatorial Assistant
> Museum of York County
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> Rock Hill, SC 29715
> 803-329-2121, ext 104
> alane@xxxxxxxxxxx

Paul Werner, New York City

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