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ERIC Re: Attention GBW Midwest Chapter members!

In a message dated 11/10/98 8:11:20 AM Central Standard Time,
Eric.C.Alstrom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Please email me any articles, stories, tidbits, news, events, workshops,
 openings, lectures, or anything else you can thing of which you would like
 fellow Midwest Chapter members to know about. >>


    Would the members be interested in a monthly exchange of small, handmade
artist's books? The swap has been going on since last January and the books
are of extremely high quality. Feel free to condense this as much as you need
to - you can have people email me or write to me for more info, if you'd like.
Let me know if you need more info or have questions. My form letters follow.
Thanks for considering this for your newsletter!


p.s. Does the Midwest Chapter have any activities in St. Louis?

Name of swap: Book of the Month Swap
Hosted by: Terri Daniels
Email: TLDaniels@xxxxxxx
Due Date: arrive by last day of the month


* Send 5 books, get 5 books back. $3 for priority postage and SAML. There are
NO sign-ups for this swap. You just email me for my address and make sure your
books arrive here by the last day of the month. If your books miss the
deadline, I'll just hold them for the next month. You don't have to play every
month, just the months you choose.

* Each month will have an *optional* theme. If the theme doesn't excite you
but you've made some great books, send them in.
NOVEMBER (due Nov. 30) - BLANK JOURNALS (I've heard lots of grumbling about
the content requirement but it's my favorite part of the swap, so I'll just
give you one month off! :-) Go crazy with the cover, papers, structure. .
.contents optional.)
DECEMBER (due Dec. 31) - TRIANGLES (any kind of triangle book, any contents)
1999 (optional) THEMES:
JANUARY (due Jan. 31) - ENVELOPES & POCKETS (books with envelopes and/or
pockets filled with great contents)
FEBRUARY (due Feb. 28) - HOW-TO BOOKS (this was inspired by Sus'n Longerot's
wonderful paste paper how-to book from last January - the how-to contents
could be the structure of the book itself, a related paper craft, or. . .?)
MARCH (due March 31) - ALTERNATIVE MATERIALS (go beyond just paper and board -
use polymer clay, fabric, metal, recycled materials, etc. with contents of
your choice)
Picasso? Nick Bantock? what would your favorite artist's book look like?)
MAY (due May 31) - WEARABLE BOOKS (books as necklaces and pins come to mind -
how else would *you* make a wearable a book? contents on any topic)
JUNE (due June 30) - GOING POSTAL (where would this swap be with out the post
office? postage stamps, correspondence, mail art, your favorite postal
JULY (due July 31) - TUNNEL BOOKS (you've seen these diorama-like books in
lots of the books about book making - try Kropper p. 98 for some ideas)
AUGUST (due Aug. 31) - CREATIVE LETTERING (experiment with typography and/or
calligraphy or any kind of lettering - ABC books would work here, but not
SEPTEMBER (due Sept. 30) BOXES & BOOKS (books with a box as part of the
structure...or a book in a box...or...)
OCTOBER (due Oct. 31) - ARCHITECTURE (columns, doors, windows, cathedrals,
etc. - might have some fun structural as well content possiblities)
NOVEMBER (due Nov. 30) POP-UP BOOKS (books with pop-ups, wheels, tabs to pull,
DECEMBER (due Dec. 31) - PARIS, 1929 (champagne, the Eiffel Tower, great art,
great literature...this one's open to interpretation!)

* Your books must have some CONTENTS - they could be poetry, quotes, song
lyrics, a story, etc. AND/OR be illustrated in some way, such as rubber
stamps, clip
art, collage, etc. Please take some time and effort with your books. For some
good examples, see:

* If you have any questions or suggestions for future themes, please email me
at TLDaniels@xxxxxxxx

Here's my address:

Terri Daniels
408 Anita Drive
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

You need to send your 5 books, $3 for priority postage, a self-addressed
mailing label (so I don't screw up), and please include your email address in
the box or on your books (so I can match it up with your real name and email
you to let you know I've received your books). Thanks for your interest!


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