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Re: Vellum-ish question

The title is Sam Somerville, "Parchment and Vellum." The Calligrapher's
Handbook, Second ed., ed Heather Child. New York: Pentalic, 1976. The
first edition had a similar article by Margaret L. Hodgson.

It most definitely is the best thing in print - which I suppose is why a
number of people have asked me to publish something on the same topic.
Their concern was, that as for most enterprises of the Society of Scribes
and Illuminators Somerville's approach only works if you buy the whole
package, somewhat like a Microsoft of Calligraphy. Only one kind of ink
will do, only one supplier, etc. And nobody wants to have a piece of
vellum crash on them...

 On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Kate Van Dyke wrote:

> A book called "The Calligrapher's Handbook" (1st and 2nd editions) has a
> chapter on vellum preparation that is written by one of the best. I
> believe the editor (at least of the 1st edition) is Heather Child. Check
> your local library.
> Kate Van Dyke
> Austin, Texas

Paul Werner, New York City

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