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New book by Mindell Dubansky


In Guess Who Died?: Memories of Baltimore with Recipes, Mindell Dubansky
draws us inexorably into a world where almost anything can happen -- the
Jewish Baltimore of her childhood.  In a series of vignettes based on
the truly idiosyncratic personalities and activities of her remarkable
parents, the self-nominated =93Miss Toby=94 and =93Mr. Dee,=94 she has pr=
a work that is first and foremost extremely funny, but which at times is
also very moving.  The book is written in the first-person and Ms.
Dubansky=92s almost deadpan humor reinforces the sense that we are
observing the scenes of her family life through the rolling eyes of the
highly sophisticated, if sorely tested, child that she must evidently
have been.  Even when she was in college, her mother, a beautiful
statuesque woman whose dramatic raven hairpieces were set to rest on the
lampshades in the evenings, would call her out of the blue and demand
=93Guess who died?=94  In this context, one should also mention her fathe=
habit of  wrestling with a knee-pad made out of recycled underwear and
his mania for pilfering junk from the neighbors and adapting it to a
variety of less than obvious uses.  Ms. Dubansky, a museum book
conservator, librarian  and a book artist is surely living proof that a
warm but undeniably eccentric childhood can be the key to a richly
developed creative life and an intense engagement with the world and its
more unusual manifestations in adulthood. =

The book is designed in the spirit of a traditional community cookbook. =

Offset printed, illustrated with black and white photographs, line
drawings and seventeen family recipes. =

Red, double o-ring binding with laminated covers; front cover in color.
8 1/2=94 x 7=94, 50 pages; all copies will be signed and numbered.
Published by Women=92s Studio Workshop which is funded in part with publi=
funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State
Council on the Arts. =

For ordering information, contact Mindell Dubansky at email:
metart2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -- or by phone (212)650-2890 or (212)348-1674
or by mail Mindell Dubansky, 210 East 88th Street.  Apt. 4-D  New York,

-- =

Book Conservation Dept.                 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Phone:  (212) 650-2891                  Thomas J. Watson Library
Fax:    (212) 570-3847                  1000 Fifth Ave.         =

E-Mail: metart2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       New York, NY 10028

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