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chapbook publication

William S. Burroughs called it "marvelous". Brion Gysin called it "somethi=
new". Jack Micheline said it was the "greatest piece of erotica ever writt=
the synaesthesia press is proud to announce the publication of "Sniffing
Keyholes" by Harold Norse.

For over half a century, Harold Norse has led a most amazing life. His car=
began in 1939, as friend and secretary to WH Auden. In the Greenwich Villa=
of the 1940s, Norse became intimate friends with James
Baldwin, Paul Goodman, and Ned Rorem. In 1944 he lived with Tennessee Will=
during the writing of
The Glass Menagerie;  that same year he met Julian Beck and the eighteen-y=
old Allen Ginsberg. He
spent the following years abroad; first, in Europe, and then North Africa.=

In the early 60s, he moved into The Beat Hotel. It was there, with William=
Burroughs and Brion Gysin, that he played a pivotal role in the developmen=
t of
the Cut-Up method; Sniffing Keyholes was one of the results.

Published separately for the first time, it is number nine in the syn=E6st=
press chapbook series.

Book design by Johnny Brewton of The X-Ray Book Co.

203 copies of Sniffing Keyholes, number 9 in the syn=E6sthesia press chapb=
series,  published
November, 1998. Small quarto, nine pages; the first one hundred copies are
signed by the author.

100 numbered, signed copies: $25 ppd.
103 numbered copies: $10 ppd.

Please inquire for discount to trade.

Please note our new contact information:
the syn=E6sthesia press
PO Box 1763
Tempe, AZ 85280-1763
(602) 280-9092

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