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Re: city names

Having lived in Bethlehem, PA, for years and now living in the country, a few
miles north, I don't think we have ever considered ourselves part of New
England. More likely "Northeast", or "Mid-Atlantic". However, "bhol" is
correct about the biblical towns. Nazareth is close by and then there is
Emmaus which does have an interesting pronunciation. It used to be spelled
"Emaus" but they eventually added another "m" in the middle because it was
being pronounced "EE-mouse"!

These are all Moravian towns. A little farther on, towards Lancaster, there is
Ephrata which has a very interesting settlement of an early communal society,
the Seventh Day Baptists.

I imagine there are even more biblical towns. Will have to get out the map!
This is a very interesting "thread' I hope we hear about the book when it is

Jane Conneen

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