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Re: city names

Dear Folks,

There's also Delhi, NY, pronounced Dell-high, and Delhi, IA,
pronounced the same way (and settled by people from Delhi, NY);
there's Madrid, IA, pronounced MAD RID; and Nevada, IA,
pronounced NE VAE DA; and more.  And if you want to know the
story of how Delhi, NY got its name, I can tell you that -- it involves
Ebeneezer Foote, Erastus Root, and somebody Frisbee -- yes, all
of them from Connecticut families and all founders of Delaware Co.
So, when they decided to name the County seat, they were trying
to find a perfect name, naturally, and some wanted Mapleton, and
others, but Ebeneeze Foote who, the story goes, was a spy for ole
George Washington and got big land gifts in return and was a US
Senator and a slave owner, to boot, was the biggest deal in town,
with many supporters.  His supporters wanted to name the town
Delhi, in Eb's honor, because they called him the "great mogol" as
in India, things Indian being very popular at the time (about 1802)
but Erastus Root, who was really annoyed, apparently stamped his
foot and said, Dell-High, Hell-High, why don't you just name it
Foote-High?  and that, as they say, is that.

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