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Re: preparing cloth

>I'm going to try lining some cloth to cover books with. What is the best
>way to do that?

The main point is: never apply glue to the cloth. Apply glue to the tissue
paper, apply glue to cardboard, but never apply glue to cloth.

I don't line the cloth. I used to years ago but not any more.

 I use PVA (white glue) and brush it onto the cardboard boards. Wait a
moment for the glue to get tacky and surface water to dry off, then position
the boards onto the cloth and make a case binding. You must be very, very
neat, any glue that gets on the outside will mark and is very difficult to
get off. When you are turning over the edges, again you glue the cardboard,
never the cloth.

In a course I took some years ago, the teacher said that you could just coat
ordinary cloth with ordinary flour paste, then rub it down onto a sheet of
formica and when it dries you will have traditional starched bookcloth, with
a nice shiny surface from the formica. Then you can paste that down
normally. She thought this was a better alternative to commercial bookcloth
with overly plastic surfaces. I have never tried this, perhaps someone on
the list has?

The disadvantages of regular cloth are that it soils easily in handling and
cannot really be cleaned and that it doesn't take gold lettering, you must
use labels.


>Would it work to use spray adhesive, or is that a huge no-no?

Probably. I think that must of these are rubber based with nasty volatile

I seem to recall that when I lined the cloth, I would put PVA on the tissue
paper, let it almost dry, put the cloth on top, then iron the cloth to
reactivate the pva.

Anyway, that's how I do it. If there are better ways, please let me know.

I wonder how long book cloth will continue to be made, it seems that very
few books are commercially bound in cloth any more. I was looking at a $126
computer programming book the other day, it was hardbound in shiny paper. I
guess being hardbound is enough of a minor miracle for computer books.

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