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Re: "NY CBA"

Just passing this on for Richard.

From: Richard Minsky <minsky@xxxxxxxxxx>

Just a reminder that there is no "NY CBA". The Center for Book Arts is in
New York City, but is not called the "NY Center for Book Arts". That is
because The Center for Book Arts was the first organization of its kind, and
has sole ownership of the name "Center for Book Arts". All other
organizations using this name must use a modifier, such as Minnesota Center
for Book Arts or Nebraska Center for Book Arts.

These other organizations, while they may be built on the original Center
for Book Arts model or one of its variations, are not affiliated with The
Center for Book Arts. The Center for Book Arts has always provided
encouragement to the founders of these regional Centers, has often given
advice on fund raising and other management issues, and has welcomed these
organizations into the Book Arts community.

Not all the Centers use the words "Center for Book Arts" as part of their
name, although they operate on the Center for Book Arts model. The Columbia
College Chicago Center for the Book and Paper Arts, is an example, which
grew out of Artists Bookworks.

I am looking forward to seeing the article in Biblio about The CBA, but have
not yet received a copy from Biblio.


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