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Re: a question about type

To me the question isn't where and with what does one set the type and
print, but rather, is one following the principles of good typography.  The
computer is just a tool with which one can do beautiful or horrible
typographic (or any other kind of) work. I will admit to enjoying the feel
of crisp, beautifully printed type on fine paper though. Nothing like it.


At 01:42 PM 11/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>One of my greatest thrills as a 7-year old cub scout was spelling out the
>pledge of alliegence on a plaque made of glued together popsicle sticks using
>alphabet macaroni. In 1964 I became a member of Typographer's Union #6 in New
>I have been working with type all my life. I set type these days on a Mac for
>a living and at night by hand in a composing stick for pleasure.
>Within the letterpress community there are many that regard people that work
>with computer type as barbarians. There are hand-type enthusiasts that
look at
>type set by composing machines (linotype etc.) as barbarism.
>Do what makes YOU happy (:-;

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