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Re: Dallas

I left Dallas this summer (after 41) years to begin teaching in
Michigan, the scene is pretty active depending on where you live...it's
a big area.

Paper Routes (run by Terry Lenoir) is a GREAT paper resource. Everything
from raw materials, to custom pulps ala Randall (Terry's husband), to
linters, to lots of paper, to boxes, cards, inclusions, etc. They also
do workshops, including polaroid transfers.

In Denton, north of Dallas, two universities produce a fair amount of
book art. In particular, Texas Womans University and Susan k Grant.
Susan offers local workshops occasionally, but most take classes from
her in the undergraduate or graduate programs. The do letterpress,
regular printmaking, photo processes (silver and alternative), solvent
transfers, ceramic forms, and on and on. All manner of book forms are
explored. She's on sabbatical this year, doing her own stuff.

The other area universities I know less about, except U of North Texas.
They have a new energetic printmaker, Ric Allen, who is starting to
teach bookmaking as well. It's a lively graduate student group
there...it was my MFA minor area.

Columbia Street Gallery hosts excellent bookart shows from time to time.
I saw Judith Golden's work there last spring.

The (arguably) best printmaking community college in Dallas is
Brookhaven with Don Taylor. They also have great summer programs with
visiting artists. Larry Scholder is at SMU in the heart of Dallas, a
fine artist.

Darryl Baird, Assistant Professor of Art
University of Michigan-Flint

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