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Re: Yes paste

I think "Yes" paste can be bought at most any art supply houses, like
Daniel Smith in Seatle, to any locally owned art supply houses.  I
currently live in Arkansas and I am sure that any art store that I buy
from could order it for you.  I use to live in the Bay Area, and everyone
of the stores that I shoped in sold it from stores in Berkeley, to
Santa Cruz.

Good Luck  the stuff is great for printmaking.


Hi - this is Janet - I am an artist - do you need any art work?
Give me a call.  Logos, Murals, Signs - jmeyerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Sat, 14 Nov 1998, ANGEE wrote:

> Lois Mittleman wrote:
> >
> > Can anyone tell me where I can purchase "yes" paste?
> Brenda of Pen & Ink Books carries it.
> 1-800-pen-7772
> paperinkbk@xxxxxxx
> Angee

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