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Re: city names

Hey, glad to hear from someone in Los Gatos, how is the book arts
community in that area?  I miss the Santa Cruz Mountains.
I currenly live in Arkansas - Wow what a change!

Hi - this is Janet - I am an artist - do you need any art work?
Give me a call.  Logos, Murals, Signs - jmeyerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, Laura Boston wrote:

> Here's another one: Los Gatos, CA...natives pronounce it with the "a"'s =
> sounding the "a" in cat and the "tos" sounding like "tis".
> >>> Clay Redding <wattsferry@xxxxxxxxx> 11/12 7:00 PM >>>
> ---Jane Conneen  wrote:
> >
> > We have another small town in Pennsylvania, New Tripoli, pronounced
> New Tri PO
> > lee
> >
> > Jane Conneen
> >
> Versailles (Ver-SALES) is a common city name in the  Midwest.  I know
> there is a Versailles in both Indiana and Kentucky, and there is a
> North Versailles in Pennsylvania.  Ohio may have a Versailles, as well.
> Clay Redding
> Pittsburgh, PA
> =3D=3D
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