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ArchiMac BBS is now On-Line

This message is being sent to several people as well as several mailing
lists. Please excuse this posting if the following is not new to you and
any inconvenience this duplication may have caused.


to visitors at    http://www.archimac.marun.edu.tr/

What is it?
ArchiMac BBS is the first Bulletin Board System on earth to serve the
archives and records management profession. It is also the first Macintosh
BBS in Turkey with a network connection, with a secondary aim to help the
Mac users in Turkey by acting as the de facto Macintosh User Group in
Istanbul (MacIst). ArchiMac site is a member of the European Archival
Network to represent Turkey, in accordance with the decisions passed at the
European Archival Summit, on 14-16 May 1998.

What does it say?
ArchiMac BBS has got several things to say:

1. For the Archives and Records Management Profession:
http://www.archimac.marun.edu.tr/Profession/   site has got a list of all
mailing lists  (see also the next section) related to the archives and
records management profession as well as a "link of links page" where you
can find the addresses to sites carrying links related to the profession.
The Profession site also carries a list of slogans related to the

2.      For Macintosh Users:
http://www.archimac.marun.edu.tr/ArchiMac/   site carries background
information about the BBS (like its history, rules, configuration, etc.) as
well as an entry (Login) point to the system where you can find files and
discussion areas.

The files section is served from the AMUG (Arizona Macintosh User Group)
BBS in a Box CD set, serving a total of about 3 GBs of compressed files
from 4 CDs. All programs are freeware, shareware or demo versions of
commercial programs and produced to work on Macs, except for a few, which
facilitate a Mac like look on Windows based systems.

The discussion areas, on the other hand, are either Macintosh or Archives
and Records Management related. The topics carried are:
1. All mailing lists related to Archives and Records Management profession.
2. A selection of mailing lists (mostly e-zines) relate to Macs.
3. Mac related echoes of Fidonet (an international BBS network); currently
waiting for a telephone line to be installed.
4. Mac related usenet newsgroups under the comp.sys.mac.* category;
currently waiting for a telephone line to be installed, so that Mac users
in Istanbul without an internet connection can reach these discussions too.

3. For scholars doing research on Turkish Studies:
http://www.archimac.marun.edu.tr/Organizations/   site carries information
about archival organizations in Turkey. Currently these are limited to the
Prime Ministry State Archives (the National Archives) and the Women's
Library in Istanbul.

4. For organizations training archivists or records managers:
http://www.archimac.marun.edu.tr/MUFEFAB/   site carries information about
the education programs at Marmara University's Department of Archives and
Records Management, as well as its staff, projects, publications, graduates
and facilities, to facilitate exchange of ideas on archives and RIM
training issues.

5. For Turkish Archives and Records Management professionals:
http://www.archimac.marun.edu.tr/ArchiMed/   site carries the back issues
of the first and the only archives periodical, Archimedia, published in
Turkey (in Turkish), as well as information about its editors.

6. For those wondering about the crazy person behind all this :-)
http://www.archimac.marun.edu.tr/BKACV/  site carries information about me!

What have you got to say?
If you would like to write your impresions about the site, you can do so by
following the link to our Guestbook from the main site.

If you would like to give a link to any page at the ArchiMac server, please
let me know and I will give a link to your page in return. However I would
expect your page to be related to archives and records management
profession or to Macintosh computers.

If you would like to add any information, especially about the archives and
records management profession, be it links, lists or slogans, PLEASE let me

Greetings from Istanbul, Turkiye
Bekir Kemal Ataman
ArchiMac BBS Sysop

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