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[Q] Bruce Rogers 30 List


I have often heard reference to Bruce Rogers
"Thirty" books that he considered successful.
(I have also seen a mention of 35 as well but the
most common reference seems to be 30).

Can anyone:

1. Supply a reference for BR's list.

2. Provide the list.

I have also looked around for a Bruce Rogers
website but have not found one. If anyone
knows of such a thing, please let me know.

Many regards and thanks in advance.



Mr. Terry Kuny                  Home Office: 819-776-6602
XIST Inc./                      Email: terry.kuny@xxxxxxxx
Global Village Research         URL:   http://xist.com/kuny/

Snail: Box 1141, St. B, Hull, Quebec, Canada, J8X 3Y1


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