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Re: a question about type

There's nothing whatsoever wrong with computer generated type IF (and it's a big
if) you know what you're doing.  To educate your eye, look at lots of good,
traditional typography, and read.  Stanley Morrison, Eric Gill, Bruce Rogers,
Robert Bringhurst are some of the people I assign to letterpress students, also
Sebastian Carter.  The computer won't design for you (or it will, but badly).
But if you know type, you can make it do your bidding and no one will sneer
because you did it on the computer.  Good luck, Audrey Niffenegger

Laurie O'Brien wrote:

> I am a poet/writer and self-taught bookmaker. Do any of you have thoughts
> about computer type being acceptable or not in handmade books? I am working
> with what I think are some lovely fonts on good cotton paper and binding with
> handmade papers. Just wondering how this might be seen viv a vis letterpress.
> I've been reading this list for several weeks. It's a goldmine to me of
> interesting questions and problems.
> Laurie O'Brien
> Univ of West Florida
> English Dept.
> Pensacola,FL

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