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Re: [Q] Bruce Rogers 30 List

The list was reproduced in a footnote in Paragraphs on Printing,
and there is a separate publication with details on each one
(the name of which I don't have at hand, but I'll check it
and get back to you).

Based on some notes that I do have on hand, here is the
list in chronological order:

Songs and Sonnets (Ronsard) HM&Co, 1903
Life of Dante (Boccaccio) Riverside 1904
Parlement of Foules (Chaucer) Riverside 1904
The Song of Roland (Butler, tr) Riverside
Poems of Maria Lowell Riverside 1907
The Banquet of Plato (Shelly, tr) HM&Co 1908
The Compleat Angler (Walton) HM&Co 1909
LXXV Sonnets (Wordsworth) Riverside
Ecclesiates or the Preacher HM&Co 1911
Of the Just Shaping of LEtters (Durer) Grolier CLub 1917
Euclid [in Greek] (Heath, tr) Univ. Press Cambridge 1920
The New Cambridge Shakespeare 1921
Franklin's Passports
The Wedgewood Medallion of Samuel Johnson, Harvard U Press 1926
John Barnard and his Associates
Proposals (Franklin)
The Journal of Madam Knight, Rudge 1920
Night and Moonlight (Thoreau) Rudge 1921
Priapus and the Pool (Aiken) Rudge 1922
Pierrot of the Minute (Dowson) Grollier Club 1923
The Construction of Roman Letters (Durer) Dunster House 1924
On Dry-Cow Fishing (Kipling)
Ancient Books and Modern Discoveries (Kenyon) Caxton Club 1927
Champ Fleury (Tory) 1927
The Sisters (Conrad) 1928
The Odyssey (Homer) Walker,Merton & Rogers 1932
Aesop's Fables (Croxall, tr) 1933
Fra Luca de Pacioli (Morrison) Groler Club 1933
The Holy Bible ["Lectern Bible"] Oxford 1935
Poems (Shakespeare)

Please don't jump on me with corrections - I'll compile a
more proper bibliographical list of the Rogers 30 from my
sources at home and put it up on my website in a day or so.


        David Macfarlane,

Terry Kuny wrote:
> Hi,
> I have often heard reference to Bruce Rogers
> "Thirty" books that he considered successful.
> (I have also seen a mention of 35 as well but the
> most common reference seems to be 30).
> Can anyone:
> 1. Supply a reference for BR's list.
> 2. Provide the list.

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