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Nifty tools

I was intrigued by Gary Frost's window screen idea for applying glue.

I have two new"toys" that are really sewing items that I am finding
useful.  They both came from CLotilde's, a sewing notions catalog.  I
have been doing a lot of "paperquilts," patterns made of paper, sometimes
using Japanese tissue to do Seminole patchwork type things.  Cutting
precise quarter inch strips is tricky.  I got a thing from them with
slots that make it very easy to cut exactly straight lines with either a
rotary cutter or an exacto knife.  I use them as motifs on the front of
books or on boxes or jewelry or cards.

The other thing that is saving  lots of time is a gizmo that is designed
for spacing button holes.  It works sort like those fold out coffee cup
racks.  I have been using it to space slots for long stitch spines and am
finding it much faster than walking the dividers up and down.  Even if
you don't want your holes all eqaully spaced, it is nice to know where
the divisions are and then just add or subtract to make variously sized ones.

I bet there are other people out there who have discovered handy gadgets
from other  fields.  Anyone want to share?

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg, Alaska

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