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Re: Nifty tools

I have been using a couple of "nifty" tools to help apply adhesive, usually
PVA.  Neither are my "invention" but I've put them to good use.

1) A 3" mini-paint roller for gluing up large areas or cloth, paper, or board.
It is much faster than even a large diameter round brush so paper doesn't have
time to curl as much. I have even used a regular size paint roller (with a
normal sized paint tray) to cover whole pieces of binders board or mat board
for extra large projects.  The mini rollers can be found at K-mart, Walmart,
Home Depot Mart, or any other Mart you can think of.  Or try the local paint
supply store.  All that I have seen come with their own handy paint tray with a
lid, so you don't have to wash out the roller or tray every night.

2) I also use a small plastic bottle with a funnel for applying small beads or
lines of PVA.  This is perfect for tipping-in or -on to pages.  You can buy
these commercially, but for those who dye their hair and don't mind admitting
it, the funneled applicators work great!  Just don't cut too much off the
funnel when you use it.  And in case you are wondering, I don't dye my hair
(yet...).  I had a couple of students who were fond of purple, blue, vermilion
red, and neon yellow hair, so I had a constant supply of these bottles.  I even
made them a deal: I wouldn't say anything about their hair (at least nothing
bad) if they brought in their empty, and clean, applicator bottles.

Any other useful and nifty tools out there?

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