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Re: Nifty tools

I have found #23 syringes (available at your drugstore for approx $.10)
to be an excellent way to deliver a small bead of glue, especially when
it is needed in tight places.

A #25 syringe (smaller bore needle than #23) can be used for several
1) bumped corners can take multiple small shots of PVA and then
manually reformed, cover with wax paper, set with small bulldog clamp.
2) bookcloth loose or bubbled on boards? Shoot it with a very small
dose of PVA right through the cloth, cover with wax paper, spread and
smooth with bone folder, dry under weight or in press.
3) weak spot in gutter area, especially on perfect bindings, run a small
 bead of pva at the very bottom of gutter at break and on 2-3 pages
before and after the break.

When your syringe is not in your hand stab it into a wet sponge set in
a small tupperware container.  This not only prevents glue from dripping
on your working surface when it is laid down but also keeps the glue
from drying up in the needle.  At the end of each day rinse syringe
with hot water to remove all glue.  If you forget this you can sometimes
recover the use of the needle by unscrewing the needle assembly from
the barrel of the syringe and submerging the needle in a cup of water
and boil in microwave.

I am also experimenting with srynges for delivery of color medium
when marbling paper with very interesting results.  You can actually
run a bead of color on your size.

Do NOT let your doctor poke you with syringes if at all possible as it
will often cause a leak at the repair area and frequently causes
discoloration of the binding. <G>

I hope others will post more unique ideas to this group.  Good Luck!

Clarke Otten
Atlanta Vintage Books

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