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New Mailing List - ARCHPUB - Archaeological Publications

ARCHPUB - Archaeological Publications Announcement List

ARCHPUB is a new moderated announcement list / discussion group aiming
to provide a platform for the announcement and review of archaeological
publications (ie recently published or forthcoming books, journals,
etc.). Updates and monthly additions to Archaeology on the Net Books
Database will also be announced through ARCHPUB. ARCHPUB is mainly an
announcement list with weekly 1 to 4 postings sent to the members by the
list owner. These are collected from over 50 discussion groups and web
sites. List members may contribute with their book announcements or
reviews of particular titles. The list is open to professionals,
students, and others with an interest in archaeology.

To subscribe send the message:
subscribe ARCHPUB
to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

More information is avaliable at:
Archaeology on the Net - Archaeology Resources Index

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