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Re: Nifty ideas

At 07:15 AM 11/20/98 -0800, Betty wrote:
>Kurt's idea reminded me, I filled some glass insulators (like they used to
>use on telephone poles) with BB's, sealed the bottoms with some wooden
>coaster that just fit, and use them for weights. They are taller and fit
>the hand better than flat weights do.

Living as I do in rocky country I look for interesting stones.  I sand the
bottom on a bench sander and apply felt.  I select them for one hand-fit
and they look nice and natural.  I have a couple of larger two-hand ones
for heavier jobs.

Cleaning out an elderly friend's garage, I recently found what I presume to
be one of the very first electric household irons.  It weighs a ton and has
a nice handle on it.  Can't imagine anyone ironing all day with it. I get a
bicep workout every time I lift it.

I make limp-covered writing books using  fabrics I back with a Japanese
paper. Sometimes I cannot see the fabric pattern from the back.  I use a
piece of matboard with a book-sized window in it and cross hairs across the
window for centering purposes.  I move the window around on the fabric till
I get it "right" and then, using a needle or a tiny bodkin (from a fly
tying son-in-law) I poke a hole through the fabric at each corner of the
window .  The hole won't show on the fabric but it does show on the backing
paper.  This lets me put the book block down in just the right place.

Expanding parallel rulers from nautical chart shops are useful for marking
parallel lines for cutting.  Try to find the 3-part kind that expand
10-12". The 2-part kind only expand to about 6".


Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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