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        Anyone -
        I've done fan binding on theses and dissertations for three or four years,
but there's a persistent problem.
        I made a "jogger" jig to drop all sheet into line.
        I clamp them with spring-clamps to hold them there.
        Slipped into my home-built stand-up lying press I apply PVA to both sides
of the fanned spine, even them up and press them with fingers, removing
excess glue, and lay out to "cure" under weights.
        At this point I try to ensure that the thing is in fact square and line
up, but when dry the spine is rarely so.  Sometimes awkwardly so.
        I suspect a couple of things:
                1.The PVA should be diluted so that the sheets can "slip" more easily
back into alignment.
                2. Any weights to hold the thing in position should be on the pages
themselves, not on the glued portion.
        Commercial fan-binding machines, I suspect, use specially formulated
glues, pneumatic clamps and rollers to achieve the job, but manually,
getting the job to cure square every time is something that eludes me.
        Any suggestions?


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