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reinforcement assistance needed

I am a near novice bookmaker with a problem. I am making a criciform book of
Arches #140 hot press paper which has been treated with acrylics and walnut
ink. When I fold the paper, it has a tencdency to crack along the crease.
Recently, I have been using decorative paper adhered to buckram (a stiffening
fabric used in making wedding gowns), which has its own adhesive. Normally, I
just wet it down , weight it down and the paper adheres. The paper I am
currently using does not want to adhere -- I think because it has a a very
rough texture. Do you have any suggestions on how I could reinforce these
hinges or mini-spines? I do plan to use a pamphlet stitch to add a signature
on each fold. Is there anything I can do to prevent the cracking in the first
Marcia Thompson

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