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Re: reinforcement assistance needed

Marcia- It is really hard to fold watercolor paper because it is sized. PVA will
stick your reinforcement on, and I've used tyvek to hinge pages of Stonehenge and
Arches hot press for albums- cut the paper to size (loose sheets), then glue a
strip of tyvek on either side.  The tyvek will stain nicely, and is much more
flexible and strong along the spine. It can be sanded lightly (before you cut it)
to take heavier acrylic paint, collage, etc.

Marcia Thompson wrote:

> Hello-
> I am a near novice bookmaker with a problem. I am making a criciform book of
> Arches #140 hot press paper which has been treated with acrylics and walnut
> ink. When I fold the paper, it has a tencdency to crack along the crease.
> Recently, I have been using decorative paper adhered to buckram (a stiffening
> fabric used in making wedding gowns), which has its own adhesive. Normally, I
> just wet it down , weight it down and the paper adheres. The paper I am
> currently using does not want to adhere -- I think because it has a a very
> rough texture. Do you have any suggestions on how I could reinforce these
> hinges or mini-spines? I do plan to use a pamphlet stitch to add a signature
> on each fold. Is there anything I can do to prevent the cracking in the first
> place?
> Thanks,
> Marcia Thompson

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