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Re: Product Question

Teresa -
The only ingredient listed on the bottle is sodium bisulfate.

The directions state "Snip spout 1/16" and apply a thin layer to the surface
of cotton rag paper (without fillers or plasticizers). Dry with a hairdryer.
To activate, iron with medium heaat on reverse side (do not allow to turn a
darker brown;test paper swatch for correct color). Rinse under running
water, bruch lightly to remove paper bits. Blot with a towel until just
damp. Iron to dry..."
(followed by a list of safety instructions)

They recommend it for wood too.

I have played around with this with limited success. I haven't taken the
time to figure out temp, right shade of light brown, etc., which I think is
important. The best results I've had is with a heavy Arches watercolor paper
that had a wash of watercolor over the top first.  I think you could get a
nice effect once you got it down, and one bottle would go a long way.

>I got a catalog called Collage - an offshoot of the Flax art catalog - and
>they mention a product called Paper Etch.  Apparently you apply this stuff
>to paper, rinse it off and viola, an etched design.
>My question (s):
>1.  Any idea of what this product really is?  At $12/bottle, I would like
>see if I can make my own.
>2.  Are you aware of any other similar products, or do you know of any
>procedures that would produce this same effect?

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