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Re: Fan-gluing

>>spine by pinching it tight while applying the super.  Having a glue =
>>machine, I glue-up one side of the super before applying it to the =
>>textblock.  This allows me to tack the super down onto the endsheets after =
>>I have tightened the spine.
>>Pete Jermann


What kind of mull do you use?  Several months ago, there was an extensive
thread about double-fan gluing on the List and someone recommended a
stretchable mull, with the advantage that there would be a little give
along with the elastic adhesive lessening the tendency for the text block
to pull away.

I found that this mull is available from Library Binding Services (LBS) in
Des Moines, Iowa: 515-262-3191. It is sold in sheets or rolls in quantities
too large for the lone binder to buy. I have been thinking of trying to
find out if a supplier, such as Bookmakers, would be interested in stocking
it to resell by the yard or smaller quantities of sheets. I have been too
busy; will try when I have time. Anyone want to do this to help us all?

On a related subject: In the Fall newsletter of LBS, there is a fascinating
report on why glued bindings fall apart, what causes it, and a solution. If
you're interested, I'll summarize the article and post it.

Betty Storz
Betty Storz   storz@xxxxxxx

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