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Re: a question about type

I forgot to mention don't use color images from a computer printer make sure
its a color copy from a copy machine...

Darryl Baird wrote:
> > Does anyone know what to use to transfer color copies?  I want to transfer
> > images made on a color copier onto some mixed media work but haven't found
> > the right agent.
> The answer may be in a different color copy technology. The different
> manufacturers products behave very differently, as far as transfer go. I seem
> to remember that Xerox color copies transferred better than others. Canon
> copies are very difficult to transfer.
> You might check the copier artists site:
> >>The International Society of Copier Artists
> 759 President Street
> Suite 2H
> Brooklyn, New York 11215
> Phone: 718 838-3264
> Email:isca4art2b@xxxxxxx
> Louise Neaderland, Director
> The ISCA is a nonprofit professional organization founded in 1982 to promote
> and recognize the use of the copier as a creative tool. Its membership is
> comprised of
> printmakers, painters, photographers, graphic designers, book artists and
> computer artists who use the copier as an instant camera, darkroom, and
> printing press to create
> and edition unique works of art.<<
> Darryl

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