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Re: a question about type

What I usually use  is what I use for black and white transfers....lacquer
thinner. Us it the same way you would black and white..make sure (of
course)your image is reversed and use a cotton swab or cotton rag ...it will
go on to almost any surface paper, glass, metal.If in fact it is a 2-d surface
like paper then run it through a press. good luck,marci

Patricia Sterritt wrote:
> I've gleaned a lot of info by following the postings about inks and type
> and it touches on a question I have had
> Does anyone know what to use to transfer color copies?  I want to transfer
> images made on a color copier onto some mixed media work but haven't found
> the right agent.
> I have not written the company for info but assumed the ink to be plastic
> Is anyone using this process?
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