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Re: Fan-gluing

Peter JERMANN <pjermann@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>As I see no
>justification for rounding and backing an adhesive binding I see no reason
>for a stretch super.

You are not the only one. There has been an ongoing debate among the
members of the Library Binding Institute about this very point.  It
actually lead them to send books to a national testing laboratory for
deconstructive (destruction?) tests to arrive at an unbiased,
scientifically based answer.  The results,as best as I understand them
***please don't take this as Gospel***, is that rounding and backing an
adhesive bound book is **potentially** counterproductive while it actually
increases the durability of books that have been sewn.  Again my
**personal** understanding for this is that many commercial binders round
and back their adhesive bound books after the glue on the spine is dry.  In
the dry state the books that are rounded are subject to stresses that
**could** be the point of origin for damage to the binding.  There are
however binderies that use a small burst of steam on the dry spines a
moment before rounding and backing.  This makes the adhesive pliable again
and **should** not result in such sever stress that it would lessen the
life of the binding.

I realize this statement sounds very Presidential in it's avoidance of
strong statements of fact.  But, there is still much debate about this
process and I have never been party to the process of deconstruction and
have not read the test results.  However, everything I have stated is
second hand information from people that have been personally involved in
both the debate and binding process and I have no reason to doubt their

Personally  I think that with steam and proper technique there is no harm
in rounding and backing an adhesive bound book.  I base this on only a
visual inspection of the hundreds of books we bind each week.  Similarly we
have been fan binding for about ten years and have not had more than about
25 books come back as a result of defective adhesive binding, all due to
operator error.  That's not to say they it won't happen in the future but
for now (knock on beige plastic) everything seem to be ok.


Happiness bought and paid for
is happiness none the less.



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