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FOR SALE: Picture by Hans Holbein the Younger in 1538

Hi folks!

I just got the message below out-of-the-blue, and so I can't speak of the
authenticity of the painting he has for sale, but I thought it might
possibly be of interest to someone here. For those of you who might be
unfamiliar with who Hans Holbein the Younger was, among other things he's
famous for doing woodcuts 'n' stuff back in the 16th century. The reason I
suppose this person wrote to me is because I have a page of Holbein's
"Dance Of Death" decorative initials, which you can see at...


...if you're interested in further info on him and his work (although
there's not a lot there other than those initials).

Ron :)

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>Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 13:46:07 +600
>Subject: I own a Picture presumed made by Hans Holbein the Younger in 1538
>Dear Sirs.
>My name is M A.  I live in Costa Rica.  For about 15 year I have owned a
>made in 1538 presumed by Hans Holbein the Younger.
>I have been looking for information about this picture, and I found a lot
>My interest is to sale the picture to some one who wants it.
>I?m agreeing to make the proof that any one (who wants to buy it) wants, so
>he could be sure it is original.
>I have made a WEB page, so any one could see many photos I have take it, the
>page also include a little history I have found about the author.  The page
>is in:
>I suggest you download the photos that you could see, so you could make them
>bigger and print it the best way you can.
>With this email I sent you a photo that is also include in the WEB Page, so
>you get interested on the picture and the page.
>Thanks for everything, I hope you got interested in my picture.  My email is

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