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"Artist's Books, Uncovered

Along the same lines as the recent Biblio Article about artist's books and
CBA is an article entitled "Artist's Books, Uncovered: For 20th-century
artists, the allure of the book is an open-and-shut case" by JoAnn Greco.
The article appears in the December 1998 issue of "Art & Antiques.

In a nutshell, the article offers a 4 page survey of the artist's
book/livre d'artiste with illustrated examples of Scott McCarney's, John
Baldessari's, Fernand Leger's,  Anne Kresge's and Robbin Ami Silverberg's
work. Also mentioned are some galleries which deal in artist's books,
exhibitions of work currently on display.

Interesting reading for a publication which caters to the rich and famous.


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