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Re: Royal Books/publishing a paperback original...

Synaesthesia Press wrote:
> Can someone help me out here? i'm a small press ready to do a paperback
> original...6" x 9" in size...not looking for a fancy book, but just a PB. i
> was ready to go with Royal Books out of CT, and they arent answering their
> phones anymore...anyone heard what's happening with them? and can anyone
> reccommend a printer for a small (500 - 2000) copy run of a 6x9 paperback? i
> know this is off topic, but any help is appreciated. jim camp/synaesthesia
> press

Ed Rayher at Swamp Press in Amherst, MA is a very skilled book printer.
413-256-8531. And, he's a typecaster as well.  Give him a try..

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