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Re: More Publishing Expriences (long)

Susan- As an academic (English, poetry and essays), I can attest to the
snobbery and pretige issues. They are very real. I have done both, publish the
"mainstream" way and explore what is very derogatorially called "self-
publishing." As I am quite interested in the history of the book, I love the
fact that some of the biggest names in Eng lit "selk-published"--William
Blake, Emily Dickinson (tho not for distribution), Walt Whitman, many others.
Seems writers have often wanted to get their hands on their own material and
do it right! I've been making small editions of my own poems and generally
experimenting and finding the whole experience rejuvenating and enjoyable. I
also edit and publish a literary magazine and a chapbook series (through the
univ where I teach) so I work in that small press world. I don't see the
categories as walled off as many academics do. A book is all of its parts.
All this by way of saying you're doing the right thing. You'll sell your books
and be a lot more satisfied in the long run, I imagine. Good luck. Laurie

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