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Re: More Publishing Expriences (long)

Dear Susan

Thanks for sharing your story.  Interesting.  I would love to see/buy your
booklet(s).  I too have a similar experience.  I have taught public schools,
gifted and university classes for 25 years with an emphasis in book and book
arts.  I've written several manuals with the emphasis on the book arts and the
content area of the grant or funding I was teaching from...Botany and the
Book, Math and the Book, etc.  I'm currently a part of a group of 4 local
artists, teaching studio art classes in our home studios.  For each workshop I
prepare a booklet- as you are doing, but my booklet is directed to the subject
matter and book form for the particular workshop.  Participants love the
booklet and I am encouraged to sell them.  The marketing is awful as you
describe. I've been through it over the years much as you describe.  I have
some trouble pricing.  I have several booklets made for classroom teachers as
well - so far unpublished and for sale when I consult and give presentations.
My next workshop is titled:

Inside Out              Time to invite the shadows, textures, enticing shapes, and colors
of winter.  Play with light and dark to create a book for this season.  Build
structure and text with a cover to complement.  What is your book?  Verbal
food for thought or a visual and tactile experience?  Design with paint,
collage, sand, clay and paper beads.  Embellish covers with calligraphic
markings using brushes, ink sticks, quills and nibs.  Go at it from inside out
with content leading to your cover.  Or, have your cover direct you into the
content.  Friday December 11, 1998  10am-4pm.

Would like to hear more from you.  Send me your snail mail address if you want
to be on our mailings.  Onward  Edi Klingner    elklingner@xxxxxxx

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