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Re: Self-publishing

I don't think that professional arts institutions have any particular
interest in selling artists books because it's a choice about "collecting",
or choosing who gets to be exhibited/given visual space.  However, the
Wexner Center for the Arts bookstore does some small book selling; however,
I think that mostly it's the sort of situation where the staff has choice
over this; friends and employees get first dibs; this is not to say that a
beautiful/interesting book by a stranger could not be sold.  But other
museums may have similar situations as so much of the artworld functions in
this manner.

Alternative press bookstores and the like (comic book stores, etc.) seem to
me to be the best bet.  These stores function as gallery/commerce spaces
for the individually made; good ones have artists books, 'zines (there are
hundreds, if not thousands, of self-published 'zines) and occasionally
video/films.  In this way, such stores blur the lines between books and
galleries & are often 1. affordable  2.  Good ways to reach a readership
outside of (or, perhaps, next-to) the art world.
Madeleine R. Fix
Graduate Research Associate
Computer Instructional Technology
The School of Public Policy & Management
Master's Student
Department of Art Education
College of the Arts
The Ohio State University
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phone:  (614) 292-5882
>Dear All- I have been publishing my own books (Bone Hollow Arts) for 20 years
>and it is indeed liberating to be in  control of your artistic destiny...to a
>point. The great problem is distribution.. which is partially solved by having
>Printed Matter, here in NYC, handle my books. The problem with that is waiting
>endlesly to be paid because of cash flow problems there. Does anyone know of
>other distributors of artists books. Of course, sopem museum shops are now
>carrying smaller edition artists books, but not many. Louise

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