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Selling Artists books

>I don't think that professional arts institutions have any particular
>interest in selling artists books because it's a choice about "collecting",
>or choosing who gets to be exhibited/given visual space.  However, the
>Wexner Center for the Arts bookstore does some small book selling; however,
>I think that mostly it's the sort of situation where the staff has choice
>over this; friends and employees get first dibs; this is not to say that a
>beautiful/interesting book by a stranger could not be sold.  But other
>museums may have similar situations as so much of the artworld functions in
>this manner.
A market for art that is more interested in the artistic content of the
piece than on whose friend produced it may be ArtistStudio.com, a company
that uses the Internet to market artwork.  If anyone is interested you might
check them out at http://www.artiststudio.com/

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