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papermaking with plants

Hello all,

Just wanted to share my good fortune with publishing a book!

About 2-1/2 years ago, I was approached by a publishing company and asked to
submit a proposal for a how-to book on making paper with plants. My editor
approached me after she read a one-paragraph description about a workshop I
was teaching at the Horticultural Society of NY. It was pretty unbelievable --
I'd never dreamt of writing a book -- but the offer seemed to good to pass up.
The process was incredibly rewarding. I found out I could put a book together
and the publisher was pretty hands-off, in a good way. I was able to include
lots of in-depth material, which I feared they might think too much for the
average reader.

Well, the book has just come out, and it is available in most book stores. You
can also e-mail me if you'd like to order an autographed copy. Check out my
web site to view the cover of the book: http://members.aol.com/hhiebert/html/

Helen Hiebert

Papermaking with Plants

Papermaking with Plants is a complete how-to guide for making paper from plant
fibers and is perfect for the novice and experienced papermakers. With
beautiful four color photos and illustrations throughout, you'll find clear,
easy-to-follow instructions for making paper using both Western and Eastern

Inside you'll find:
* How and where to collect plant fibers
* Setting up a work space that works
* Preparing plant fibers for papermaking
* Coloring paper pulp with natural dyes
* Pulling the perfect sheet
* Step by step plant paper recipes & papermaking projects

Published by Storey Communications. www.storey.com.

I'll be signing books in Oregon in January and in NYC in February. Check my
web site for details.

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