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Re: Loans for gallery exhibition/instructors/artists and poets (fwd)

Dear Cindy,
One option you didn't mention is asking for slides of artist's books.  I t
could be a great presentation of unique books that perhaps might not be
available to you.  I'm sure that you be overwhelmed by the amount of slides
you would get!  Due to the constrictions of the program and limited amount
of East Coast artist's willing to travel to lecture or demonstrate at their
own expense, it seems a great way of enlarging your resources.
Good luck,  Joseph
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From: Peter Verheyen <pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Thursday, December 03, 1998 1:35 PM
Subject: Loans for gallery exhibition/instructors/artists and poets (fwd)

>To the books arts listserve:
>Hi All,
>I'm the worker in the art gallery at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, California
and I've been tasked with three things which have to do with giving our
students a broad overview of the books arts:
>1) Putting together an exhibition on the Book Arts called: The Art of the
Book: From Pulp to Pixel.  For this I need loans of books and book-like
objects.  Suggestions?  Loans?
>2) In conjunction with the exhibition we're facilitating a series of
workshops, lectures and demonstrations on the process(es) of making artist's
books, paper, etc.  So we need instructors who are willing to travel here
during June 10th and July 10th.  We can only offer small stipends ($2-300)
so they probably need to be from Northern California.  Again, suggestions?
>3) Finally, we've joined forces with the University's Art and Literary
magazine to produce a limited edition of high quality books containing the
work of California artists and poets of *some* distinction.  Up until this
edition Penumbra has been primarily a student publication though we have
received contributions from a few established poets and writers.  We are
asking for donations of prints, drawings and poems to be reproduced in
Penumbra.  The prints will then be auctioned to benefit the gallery and
Penumbra.  We are also interested in finding artists who would be willing to
produce limited editions here on our premises, in our printmaking studios.
Names? Phone numbers?
>Thank you for whatever help you might be able to provide.
>Cindy Everett
>University Art Gallery
>CSU Stanislaus
>(209) 667-3186/3431
>fax: (209) 667-3871

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