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Re: Loans for gallery exhibition/instructors/artists and poets (fwd)

That's an excellent idea, Joseph.  I'll start here with asking for slides.
Anyone who has slides of artist's book and book-like objects that they're
willing to loan, sell or allow to be duplicated please send to:

C. L. Everett
University Art Gallery
CSU  Stanislaus
801 West Monte Vista Ave.
Turlock, Ca 95382

Also, there is a possibility that we could use digital images in a
multimedia presentation so if anyone knows of a digital library of images...

Thank a lot.  Cindy

At 08:28 PM 12/3/1998 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Cindy,
>One option you didn't mention is asking for slides of artist's books.  I t
>could be a great presentation of unique books that perhaps might not be
>available to you.  I'm sure that you be overwhelmed by the amount of slides
>you would get!  Due to the constrictions of the program and limited amount
>of East Coast artist's willing to travel to lecture or demonstrate at their
>own expense, it seems a great way of enlarging your resources.
>Good luck,  Joseph
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>From: Peter Verheyen <pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Thursday, December 03, 1998 1:35 PM
>Subject: Loans for gallery exhibition/instructors/artists and poets (fwd)
>>To the books arts listserve:
>>Hi All,
>>I'm the worker in the art gallery at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, California
>and I've been tasked with three things which have to do with giving our
>students a broad overview of the books arts:
>>1) Putting together an exhibition on the Book Arts called: The Art of the
>Book: From Pulp to Pixel.  For this I need loans of books and book-like
>objects.  Suggestions?  Loans?
>>2) In conjunction with the exhibition we're facilitating a series of
>workshops, lectures and demonstrations on the process(es) of making artist's
>books, paper, etc.  So we need instructors who are willing to travel here
>during June 10th and July 10th.  We can only offer small stipends ($2-300)
>so they probably need to be from Northern California.  Again, suggestions?
>>3) Finally, we've joined forces with the University's Art and Literary
>magazine to produce a limited edition of high quality books containing the
>work of California artists and poets of *some* distinction.  Up until this
>edition Penumbra has been primarily a student publication though we have
>received contributions from a few established poets and writers.  We are
>asking for donations of prints, drawings and poems to be reproduced in
>Penumbra.  The prints will then be auctioned to benefit the gallery and
>Penumbra.  We are also interested in finding artists who would be willing to
>produce limited editions here on our premises, in our printmaking studios.
>Names? Phone numbers?
>>Thank you for whatever help you might be able to provide.
>>Cindy Everett
>>University Art Gallery
>>CSU Stanislaus
>>(209) 667-3186/3431
>>fax: (209) 667-3871

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