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Self Publishing/Distribution

Distribution is probably the key issue in self publishing - the most
difficult part. I've had some success in distributing my artist's books -
keep in mind that I have no expectancy of earning a livlihood in
publishing my books - in museum bookstores, gallery spaces, bookstores
such as Borders, and a more local store here in Delaware that will feature
local artist's work - Rainbow Books. Borders Books was interested enough
to provide exhibition space for the book: HE DIDN'T KNOW WHO HE WAS, which
was designed for wall installation as well as traditional book form. The
good news was great exposure for my work but it was not supported by sales
in that situation. You can never tell where or why the sales will occur.
Local connection can be the opening for the artist's book. And, of course
the internet is an excellent way to have your work seen and read although
the physcial aspects of the book experience are absent. (see three
artist's books at http://seurat.art.udel.edu/Art/Faculty/NorskyHP.HTM) and
many more by other list members. I'm sure more people have seen my work in
this format than in "concrete." Keep in mind that one of the major bits of
work in self publishing and especially distribution is tracking
consignments over time. However, it is a great pleasure to have a hand in
getting your work into other hands.

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