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Re: Self-publishing

Working for a major university publisher, I've followed the discussion abo=
self-publishing with some interest. Two other differences not mentioned so=
between self-publishing & publishing with a professional publishing house =
the review process, both before & after publication.

Nonfiction publishers generally have a manuscript reviewed by experts in t=
field in order to determine not only its accuracy but also its relevance. =
is very important to the publisher whose reputation is based on the accura=
cy &
relevance of their publication. Some authors even make revisions based on
these reviews. A few months before the book is published advanced copies
(sometimes bound page proofs) are sent to various publications for reviews=
Now here is where a publishing house has the advantage: their books get
reviewed, and to some extent reviews, especially in major publications by
respected reviewers, sell books. This review process may be changing (many
presses have web sites where a potential buyer can read part of the book a=
s do
many self-published authors), but so far this review process seems to be t=
way of the world. Of course word of mouth=97a more personal form of review=
made many a book too.

R. Williams

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