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Re: More Publishing Expriences (long)

Well Susan
Good luck to you with your self publishing endeavors.  A catalog of
your titles that you could send around to libraries and other
targeted markets would be a good idea for you for the future.

I started publishing many moons ago.  Am now 52 and still at it.
Money has always been tight for printing of course.  But now that
I have accumulated a few printers, computer etc. I am able to
print up some of my own.  You may want to consider this yourself
since you will be doing booklets of 30 odd pages. It is so much
cheaper and a lot less hassle than having a printer handle it for

However, some folks do not like the printing production fulfillment
end of publishing.  I started out by editing, printing and
distributing a poetry magazine for three years.  Got my feet wet
in the publishing field - saw what there was out there.  Now I have
a small catalog of seven books and one periodical.

It takes time so be prepared to do it for the love of it rather than
the money.  Yes, there is an inherent snobbery in being published
over being the publisher. I'd rather be laughing all the way to the
bank.  I have published and continue to publish others, but certainly
not on the scale that I publish myself, simply because I cannot
guarantee them any substantial marketing effort in one fell swoop.

I market as the money allows. I send out free review copies as the
money allows.  I print up copies on demand practically on mostly
everything I have had published. This can get a little hairy at times
when someone phones and says I need ten copies and your inventory
only holds two. :) You can really scramble then.

But its fun. I've been asked to guest speak. People know me as
an author/publisher. Good enough for me.  And my stuff is out there.

Good luck.


M. Haegele

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