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Nibs and Spit Biting

Your message dealing with nibs was lost to me, but the mention of the thread
made me think about a question that I've been raising in local pen shops
lately.  Maybe you could advise me here.  I recently discovered that a
cartridge pen (Platignum) that I've had for a couple of years is no longer
distributed locally (in South Africa) and that I cannot get hold of new
cartridges.  The shop assistant very innovatively suggested that I keep my
empty cartridges and fill them with a syringe, which I did, but it sparked
off a number of very dramatic ideas.

So, I've been writing with bleach onto a blackened surface, and I've been
writing with mud and milk and blood all manner of other substances.  Now,
the idea of writing with acid has presented itself.  Is there such a thing
as a cartridge pen which is made of something other than metal which will
corrode with contact?  I am thinking of drawing on an etching plate (like
spit biting) except I would have a stronger primary control of the way in
which the acid gets was distributed.

Any suggestions?

Robyn Sassen

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